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How to start a flour milling business in Zambia

With an increasing population in Zambia,there is a growing business for establishing maize flour mills in commercial centers either the rural or urban areas of Zambia as people want food always.

1. For beginners or small farmers, there are smaller maize milling machines for them to start with at a low cost but considerable revenue.

In this case, people bring raw maize grains for grinding, and the maize miller factory mill the maize grains and then give them back the maize flour/breakfast meal/roller meal/bra. In the meantime, the person should have to pay some money for the processing charges. The person can cook the breakfast meal/roller meal to “Nshima”, the staple food for Zambia residents, the maize bran can be used to feed chicken, pigs, duck, cow etc.

For this small maize mills machines, capacity is not more than 5000kilograms per day. And the cost of this maize mills is several thousand of dollars, not more than 10,000usd.

2. For some entrepreneurs who have a clear plan and strategy for the milling business, will buy raw maize grains from local farmers, or import maize grains from Canada, Australia, Ukraine, India etc.
Mill the maize grains into maize flour, breakfast meal, roller meal, animal meal, and bran; and pack the flour into bags, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg, 100kg etc, Then sell the packaged flour / bran in the market to consumers or retailers or even export abroad.

In this case, the best choice is medium maize milling machines, and capacity is 5000 kilograms per day at least, something like 10 tonnes per 24hrs, 20tons/24hrs, 30tons/24hr, 50tons/24hr, 100tons/24hr, 150tons/24hr, 200tons/24hr...500tons/24hr..

We have a 50tons/24hr maize mills running in Mansa, Zambia, the first time the client visited our factory and check the maize running mills there and bought one 50tons/24h maize flour mills to start with.
Six months later, he and his partner came to Hongdefa Machinery again, and signed a contract for another 50tons/24hr maize mills for expanding, at the same time they ordered a 1000 tons silo for maize grain storage.

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Our technician team and maize millers will do our best for you! Your satisfaction is very important for our future!

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